This sculpture took part in the group exhibition "ЦеГлина-2021" in the ЦеГлинаАрт, Kyiv, Ukraine.


I made its shape pretty quickly back in 2018, even without a sketch. I was fascinated by the contrast of curved, smooth, and sharp horizontal lines, the contrast of heights. And then I couldn't decide how to complete this sculpture for three years! At first, I wanted to make it blue with mirror silver spots in place of horizontal "slices" at the top. I did a lot of tests but didn't like any of the results. Then I thought about covering the sculpture with white glaze, a gradient from yellow to pink, black. Time passed, my preferences changed as my second name. Then I realized that until the work is ready, it cannot be spoiled. But it's like living in dreams of the future, ignoring real life. And this year, I felt that it was time to take responsibility and complete this work. I used an engobe made of local clay, which I tested, and I think everything worked out.